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Hi Carol

Please share this link


And they can sign up. Much appreciated.

Hope this works.

Peace Abe

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Apr 20, 2023·edited Apr 21, 2023

Well , well : Another " good traditional family values Conservative, Republican, women of the Luuuurd " , who is for " personal responsibility " and as we.all know " anti woke ".

She graduated from the FOX News Academy of lies & fear .

Her idea of " Liberty " is the right of her kind to persecute, and judge others .

Its apparant this " Law & order " women knows the system by experiencing it herself !

Recall a time when so many where inspired to get into politics by respectable people ?

Now we have these fools emulating Trump , Boobart & Marjorie the Vage Green !

Take note : The locals 2023 are VITALLY important !

Parties are built, or collapse in YOUR community!

You must pay attention , organize ; get involved if you can to defeat these crazies in your own backyard!

These extremists turnout in low participation elections, then control your school boards, county commissions , county officials & judicial offices, mayors!

Please: VOTE like its a Presidential Election!

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I wish you’d make this to where I can share it. I have many friends that would be interested in your newsletter. I love it. Keep it up.🤩🤩

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It is my personal opinion if someone would mistreat a defenseless animal this way, they would do the same to a child. And stealing? There is no excuse, it is one of the commandments

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Won't be silent against Fascist Christian Nationalist

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