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Jan 17, 2023·edited Jan 17, 2023

Critical Race Theory, WOKE , Drag Queens, are today's ' Put Gaaad back into schools ' , rallying holler of the Conservative echo chamber , of distraction .

The term Gaslighting refers to a classic Hollywood Film titled such ; when the lead , played by the eruditious actor Charles Boyer , tried to make his beautiful wife , Ingmar Bergman go insane , by having her lose all sense of reality , with tricks of of artifice .

In that same era a term was used , of an earlier vintage: ' A Red Herring '.

That meant a false object - issue was brought into the debate - question .

The above culture issues , have not resonated completely with the yahoo Republicans.....

but STOVES do .

Everyone has one .

This nonsense will be the new rallying of MAGA Moronica .

Let's dare say its not the use of a ' Red Herring ' , but a ' A Hot Red Stove ' to get the mouth breathers attention & stoke their in constant agitation twixt paranoia.

I can just see the signs now .

" Hands Of Our HOT Stoves ".

Instead of dousing this , we should turn up the burners .

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