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I Was A Club Kid At Studio 54! My Interview with Marc & Myra On SiriusXM

Revising the past, talking about my book, and connecting with old friends.

Part of the joy of writing and finishing my book is going through the hoops of getting my story heard. My friends from “back in the day,” Myra Scheer and Marc Benneke, holdovers from the Studio 54 era—when disco mattered—have been hosting a radio chat show on SiriusXM called—what else— Studio 54. It was like “old home week” when they invited me to join them to talk about my memoir, “Won’t Be Silent—Don’t Stop ‘til It Matters.”

Marc & Myra were gracious enough to have me walk them through the chapter names to give their listeners a sense of what is in the book. Their support is immeasurable as it allowed me to relive my wild youth and be happy to be where I am now. Please take a listen, then buy the BOOK or AUDIOBOOK.


PS…My new book, Won't Be Silent—Don’t Stop ‘til It Matters,” is out now on Amazon.

“Embracing my superpowers of humor and optimism to survive being a second-generation Holocaust survivor, coming out, addiction, and endless unbelievable obstacles.”

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