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Apr 7, 2023·edited Apr 7, 2023

The extremist Republicans, ( they all are now. or terrified not to be ? ) , go from focal point to focal point , in their insane culture & economic war on America.

Tennessee is now one .Once home to pro Civil Rights , moderate Republicans, who's tradition was in the areas of the state , that was pro Union & Lincoln , is now fully aligned Ex Dixiecrat , Evangelical Fundamentalist , Koch

Combine .

Don't think this expulsion was just symbolic, or an anomalie .

This is the future , for their brazen , desperate agenda.

In the states where they Gerrymandered themselves into supermajority status, they will do this .

These maniacs , under the money control , of greedy , ignorant billionaires , pedantic Think Tanks , with cruel ideas , FOX & TV Preachers, know time is running out for them.

They need totalitarianism, before brainwashed Boomers, FOX Big Brother Learners , organized politicized religion fades away .

They will hinder , suppress , expel.

Dictatorships have more finesse than they do .

These crazies are open & bold .

Its before our eyes !

This was ALWAYS in America and had been repressed & fought off , as mainstem society understood that ' freedom ' meant change.

Originally ' Conservatives ' trained in the classical traditions , might of opposed societal change, but had to accept it , then follow the laws

To attempt total reversal of decades of personal freedoms , rights, and reforms , meant disunity of a nation , strife, instability, radicalism, they feared the most.

Not now : They are at war.

Since the maniacal Newt Gingrich, they want total destruction.

Trump was the open tipping point of no return.

Today its Tennessee, tomorrow YOUR state , county , city.

Be INVOLVED: Listen , learn , observe, speak, organize, donate, run yourself, but above all VOTE in ALL elections.

Not just President!

This year 2023 is IMPORTANT.

Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, have Gubernatorial elections.

School Boards, Mayors , Councils, County Officials.

Throw out the doom of modern extremist Republicans, or they will throw out you !

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