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Substack Exclusive: Listen Now To Chapter One

Substack Exclusive: Listen Now To Chapter One

Get The Flavor of "Won't Be Silent - Don't Stop 'til It Matters"

Check out this amazing billboard promoting my audiobook, “Won’t Be Silent - Don’t Stop ‘til It Matters”! I know, it’s sooo random. The billboard was generously sponsored by someone who loved the book and is located near LAX.

In honor of this person’s extraordinary kindness, I wanted to offer you guys a sneak peek, or do we call it a preview—or is it a pre-hear?—whatever, here is Chapter One so you can get a taste of my greatest accomplishment that has been so well-received. Enjoy!

SPECIAL OFFER: If you download the book on Audible, (or any version really) let me know via email so we can schedule a private Zoom to discuss the book, life, and our shared sensibilities. We can also strategize how to navigate the most contentious election of our lives. Yes, we do say that all the time, but this next one is going to make the 2020 election seem like child’s play. Zoom away!


I’m in great company!

PS…You can read the book, too on Amazon.

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Won't Be Silent—Don’t Stop ‘til It Matters”
Embracing my superpowers of humor and optimism to survive being a second-generation Holocaust survivor, coming out, addiction, and endless unbelievable obstacles.”

Abe - Won't Be Silent
Abe - Won't Be Silent Podcast
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